HIBOX Spotlight: India Unveiled Explore how Hibox captures India's attention through an advertising extravaganza, featuring hoardings, bus ads, and auto ads.
Hibox x DTC: Onboard with Surprises!

Experience Hibox on DTC buses – A daily surprise at every ride!

Hibox's Urban Canvas: Billboards of Surprises

Hibox makes its mark with eye-catching billboards, spreading delight throughout Delhi NCR.

Auto Ad Ventures: Hibox Hits the Streets

Experience Hibox wherever you go with our vibrant auto ads - turning every ride into a journey of anticipation.

Our Cherished Family

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Three Guarantees

If the mystery box is not opened after purchase, we will offer a full refund

If the value of the box item is lower than the mystery box price, we will offer a full refund

If customers are not satisfied with the box item, they can resell the item directly on HIBOX and get profit after 24 hours


Four Benefits

Beginner Reward
Invitation Reward
Extra Reward
Spending Reward

What Our Clients Say


This is my first time using an app that can get profit, I am very excited when unboxing, cuz I can get something every time I open it.

Navin Vad



There are many types of mystery boxes and I truly got my item. I think the quality is pretty good, which is unexpected... I would like to share HIBOX with my friends.




Now I use HIBOX every day. The first thing I do when I wake up is to open the app, and then start my day. I can find what I want and also get my profit.


New Delhi


I hope one day, HIBOX will go public, I think this app is quite novel, and its items and model are very fascinating. I am willing to buy the company's stock after listing.



Customer Testimonial

HIBOX Newsroom

Hibox: Adding Mystery and Excitement to Daily Commutes in Delhi NCR

A Unique Collaboration with Delhi Transport Corporation Enhances the Mystery Box Shopping Experience

Hibox App Revolutionizes E-Commerce And Shopping Experience In India With Its Unique Mystery Box Concept

Hibox, a one-of-a-kind app, redefines the traditional shopping landscape by combining the thrill of surprise with the excitement of winning valuable products. Customers can now purchase mystery boxes through the Hibox app, each containing a surprise item.

Hibox and SpiceJet Airlines: A Dynamic Collaboration Elevating In-flight Entertainment and Shopping

Hibox, a captivating mystery box shopping and earning platform, has joined forces with SpiceJet Airlines to redefine the in-flight experience for passengers

Hibox to establish branches in Indonesia, Philippines in third quarter

HIBOX's recently also introduced franchise system. The company said it is is determined to establish a strong presence in the country's mystery box market and rewards all franchisees while providing ample support.

Hibox: Fun Shopping App Invests $20M, Pioneering Easy E-commerce Platform for All Ages

HIBOX's entry further unlocks the potential of cooperation between India and neighboring countries

Hibox: Innovative Shopping Application Allocates $20 Million, Spearheading Convenient E-commerce Solution For All Generations

HIBOX aims to expand its operations in 2024 to tap into the South American and North African markets.

HIBOX Entered India’s Online Market with App Launch

HIBOX, the innovative Fun E-commerce platform through Mystery Boxes concept, makes its grand entry into India’s booming online market with a cutting-edge app launch.

HIBOX Launches in India, Redefining E-Commerce

The world of e-commerce continues to evolve, shaping trends and overcoming the risks of online shopping. Making every shopping trip an exciting journey of discovery, HIBOX revolutionizes and redefines e-commerce.

What is Hibox? How to use Hibox? Is Hibox a scam?

HIBOX has transformed shopping into a rewarding adventure, backed by a cleverly balanced system that benefits both the consumer and the company.

What Is The Business Model Of Hibox? How Does Hibox Works?

After I downloaded HIBOX, I realized it's not like other shopping sites. You have to buy something called a "mystery box" and open it.